Mommy Monday: Favorite Places to Purchase Kids Clothes

Here we go again with another “Mommy Monday” Post. In today’s post I will be discussing my favorite places to shop for my kids clothes. I love mixing low and high-ends items to create timeless looks. It’s just something about kids clothes that makes me sooooo happy. I can spend hours and hours just looking at clothes.

My number one place I typically go to first is Zara. I have been shopping at Zara since Dillon was a few months old. Their clothes are great quality and always up to date with the current trends that happening. When I had Pumpkin, I fell in love with Zara even more. Aww the little girl clothes, get me every time!

My second choice, I love to get clothes from is Carter’s/ Osh Kosh B’Gosh. Let’s just get into the deals they be having. I love to see when the are having 40-60% off on the entire store and then throw my additional little coupon in there. Yessss…. A lot of cute clothes for a very reasonable price. It seems like every time I go in there I am spending close to two hundred dollars.

My third choice will have to be Old Navy/Gap, because I can always find reasonable pieces for both Pumpkin and Dill. Whether, it is a top, some jeans or cute little shoes for Pumpkin.

Lastly, my new favorite place to shop at is Crazy 8. I did not really start shopping here until this summer when I seen the cute little swimwear. Definitely, will be shopping here more often. I have already picked up a few fall pieces for the kids.


One thought on “Mommy Monday: Favorite Places to Purchase Kids Clothes

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