Weekend Recap: OTR II Concert

Hello Lovelies,

I know it has been a minute since I last posted something on the blog, however I been super busy preparing for this trip, my son’s birthday and etc. I wanted to give you guys a little recap on how my past weekend went in Houston.

Friday afternoon, I decided to leave work early so I could get home to take a shower before I left for the airport. I was going on the trip with my best friends and another friend of ours. Whew, lets just say the process to getting to New Orleans from Mobile was a struggle. Thank God for the liquor that was in the car. Our flight was suppose to leave at 6:15pm, however New Orleans is a 2.5 hour drive from Mobile. We were racing with time and traffic to make it to the airport. The time was now 5:15pm and we was just making it to the New Orleans, Hammond and Baton Rouge exit. We began to go into panick mode because the next flight was not going to leave out until Saturday morning at 7:00am. Luckily, I had checked us in via the United Airlines app. Then, we got stuck in traffic. We didn’t make it to the parking garage until 5:50pm. So we jump out running trying to get to our terminal and through security, by this time they were calling our name over the intercom. Let’s just say I got on the plane at 6:08pm.

Finally we made it to Houston! Now it was time to pick up our car and head to the room. We get to the hotel and we began to having issues with our room reservation. The room was booked back in the beginning of March when we purchase plane tickets. Sigh, I came to the conclusion that today was just not our day. Two hours later and we were able to get into our room. So, my friends decided that we should go out to this little lounge that they heard good reviews on called Prospect Park. Let’s just say it was definitely a good vibe, drinks, food, music and hookah.

We came back to the room around 3am, showered and jump into the bed. Saturday morning quickly approach and we decided to head to the Galleria to get some last minute items for the concert. I knew I needed to hit up Zara to get a vinyl belt bag since they were not allowing you carry bags into the concert unless they were clear. If I had more time to really shop, I definitely wanted to hit up Louis Vuitton because I wanted to get a new bag. Since I knew we were on a time schedule, my best friend and I decided to leave go pick up some beauty and hair products, grab a bite to eat and head back to the room to start getting ready before the other girls come back.

Once everyone was dressed, we caught the train to NRG Stadium. I wish I could get some cute shots of all the girls together, but the lighting was horrible. When, I tell you the concert was worth the money! The concert did not end until a little after midnight. I definitely enjoyed it. After the concert, Marissia and I struggle to get to the train, it was like a 20 minute walk. After we made it to the train, we got off on the wrong stop. FML! We eventually made it back to the room.

Sunday, it was our last day in Houston and we needed to find a place to go have brunch. We found this cute little spot called Baby Barnaby’s. The food was very delicious and great customer service. Definitely will be going back to them. Once we left there, we headed to the airport so we could make sure we did not missed our flight. Of course it would not be a trip if we did not experience some form of problem, our flight had got delayed. So let’s just say we got comfortable in the airport until we could board.

I am not going to even lie, I was so glad to be back in New Orleans, because I was drained and ready to get back to my kids. Overall, I enjoyed the trip even with the minor issues that we have. Now, let me sit here and plan my next vacation.

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