Mommy Monday: Top 5 Apps My Kids Are Loving

So here I am again with another Mommy Monday post. In today’s post I am sharing the top 5 apps that my kids are loving at this moment.


ONE. ROBLOX, I do not know what it is about this game but my son tunes everyone out when he is playing this game. It’s like he is in another world when playing this.

TWO. Fortnite! Oh the legendary Fortnite game. I hear about this game all the time no matter if it from my son, brothers or their friends. I am still confused about this game but apparently it is what the kids are into now.

THREE. Hungry Shark Evolution, I must say I have played this game before and it can get a little addicting.

FOUR. YouTube Kids! Whoever invented this app for kids I thank you in advance! This is my daughter’s go to app! Like this app comes in handy throughout the day, especially when we took our trip to Disney this summer.

FIVE. Subway Surfers.


Thanks Again for Stopping By to catch up on this Mommy Monday Post. See you guys at the next one and Happy Labor Day!

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