Mommy Monday: Morning Routine with Two Kids

Good Morning Lovelies!

 The sun is shining bright and this week is going to be a very productive one. As I sit here on this lovely day thinking gosh I need to get on a set schedule, because I always seem to be rushing in the morning trying to drop two kids off and make it to work on time with my daily stop at Starbucks to get my liquid crack.  Awww…. STARBUCKS definitely gets my day started. Well here is quick snippet of what my morning normally looks like during the week.

5:00am-5:15am Time to get up and get my day started. First, thing I do is jump out the bed and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Definitely, do not want to have morning breath and little boogies in the eyes.

5:15am-5:20am I check the kiddies backpacks to make sure everything is in there and grab their snacks for the day.

5:20am-5:30am I wake Dillon up to go to the bathroom, brush his teeth/wipe his face, and put on his P.E. uniform. After, I do this I make him go lay back down so I can get Autumn ready.

5:30am-5:45am Around this time, I go get Autumn a clean diaper so I can change her. I will typically have her outfit laid out on the bed so it will be easy for me to get her dress. Once, I have her dress I get her hair products to do a quick simple hairstyle.

5:45-5:50am At this time I load my car with all our gear.

5:55am-6:10am I am typically out the door to drop the kiddies off to Nana’s house and then head to work.

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