Mommy Monday’s: Favorite Things About Being A Mom

Being a mom may be one of the difficult and most challenging thing on the planet. However, I would not change it for nothing in the world. The best part about being a mom is  watching my children grow everyday. I love to see when my children reach a new milestone from their very first smile, first words and first few steps. Also, I like to splurge on things and gift them with items I did not have when I grew up as a child.

Another great thing about being a mom is that I have a daughter and son. So, basically in my eyes I have the best of both worlds. My son is at that age where he can participate in sports and other activities. I love to see the excitement in his face when he gets to play in games with other children. My daughter may not be old enough to participate in a lot of things, but I love to see when she looks around with amazement because everything is so new to her in her eyes. However, when she is old enough I am ready for ballet classes, gymnastics and cheerleading practice.


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